Welcome to English at the Crest Academy!

In English, our mission is simple. We want every student to be undaunted by the English language, to be passionate readers, and to be articulate communicators. They will be confident in their writing skills, knowing that language is one of the most powerful skills that they can possess. The journey will involve challenges but they will not be afraid to make mistakes.

“English allows me to develop confidence in tackling even the most complex of issues and topics, both in debating in class and through my writing. It has empowered me to share my opinions and engage with life around me” Mashaal
“Our teachers really push us to work to the best of our ability” Marwa
“English is one of the most exciting subjects, it unlocks so many doors” Ali
‘English is the language of the future, the language of the computer. English is the most important tool you’ll ever need, no matter what career you choose.’ Benjamin Zephaniah.

Key objectives:
  • Working collaboratively will help all students to make good progress.
  • Students should make good progress in both skills and knowledge.
  • Lessons are relevant, engaging and purposeful
  • We strive for a culture of acceptance, appreciation and respect.
  • We value every student as an individual and believe that all students should have the same opportunities available to them.

It is our collective belief that success in English opens doors for our students and their futures due to the development of both oral and written communication skills. A love of reading opens doors to the imagination, teaching students about cultures, time periods, situations, relationships that they may never experience other than through literature.

Curriculum – Key Stage 3

At Key Stage 3 students follow an exciting curriculum which covers both Reading, Writing and Speaking and Listening. Our ultimate aim is that students should be able to demonstrate mastery of these key areas, allowing them to successfully access the curriculum at GCSE and A Level in the future.learning


Each year, students in Key Stage 3 will read a novel, study a play, study poetry, of course Shakespeare and will develop their writing skills. Each scheme of learning is tailored to suit a wide range of learning ability and styles, with a range of hands on collaborative learning activities and independent learning tasks. This allows students to develop confidence in both working with each other and working on their own.

Our Key Stage 3 English Curriculum is co-ordinated by our Deputy Curriculum Director, Ms Lomasi Hajro, who would be happy to answer any parental or student enquiries: Lomasi.hajro@thecrestacademy.org

Curriculum – Key Stage 4

DSC_0812At Key Stage 4 all students take a double qualification in GCSE English Language and GCSE English Literature. Students develop analytical skills, the ability to critique and interpret texts as well as developing a clear and solid base in reading for meaning and writing for purpose, allowing them to become confident and savvy readers, debaters and writers by the end of Key Stage 4.

Students in Year 11 are taking the legacy qualifications and are studying the following texts:

‘An Inspector Calls’ – J.B Priestley

‘Of Mice & Men’ – John Steinbeck

‘1984’ – George Orwell

‘Romeo & Juliet’ – William Shakespeare

AQA Poetry Anthology (Conflict Cluster) ‘Moon on the Tides’

Students in Year 10 are the first year of students taking new qualifications and are studying the following texts:

  • ‘Macbeth’ – William Shakespeare
  • ‘Lord of the Flies’ – William Golding

Our Key Stage 4 English Curriculum is co-ordinated by Ms Serena Lawrence, who would be happy to answer any parental or student enquiries: Serena.lawrence@thecrestacademy.org


Curriculum – Key Stage 5

At Key Stage 5, the English Team offer A Levels in English Literature (AQA). English Literature remains one of the most highly regarded post-16 options. Students who study at this level are expected to be passionate about literature as they will explore novels, poetry and drama from a range of different perspectives and eras. Class discussion is a key feature of lessons as we work our way through ideas and interpretations that challenge and inform our perceptions of texts. The AS level option allows you to study a n6th_girlovel from pre and post 1900 for one examination and poetry and drama in the other. There is a range of literature on offer which will allow you to develop and enhance your literary criticism. Texts studied include ‘Atonement’ by Ian McEwan and ‘Othello’ by William Shakespeare.

Our Key Stage 5 English Curriculum is co-ordinated by Mr Simon Richards, who would be happy to answer any parental or student enquiries: Simon.richards@thecrestacademy.org


Through our courses students can follow a number of career pathways including journalism, writing, public relations, teaching and law to name but a few.


We offer a wide range of enrichment sessions, including Creative Writing Club (Ms Abdi/Ms Hajro), Debating Club (Ms Sultana/Ms Lawrence) and Film Club (Mr Zabielski/Mr Braimah)

Contact staff
Staff roleStaff nameEmail address
Curriculum DirectorMs Danielle FinlayDanielle.Finlay@E-ACT.org.uk
KS5 Co-ordinatorMs Esther Grunwaldesther.grunwald@E-ACT.org.uk
KS3 Co-ordinator & Curriulum DesignerMr Sylwester ZabielskiSylwester.Zabielski@E-ACT.org.UK
Teacher of EnglishMs Louise Halllouise.hall@e-act.org.uk
Teacher of EnglishMs Param JohalParam.Johal@E-ACT.org.uk
Teacher of EnglishMr Azeez Braimahazeez.braimah@E-ACT.org.uk
Teacher of EnglishMs Amina Abdiamina.abdi@E-ACT.org.uk
Teacher of English/Media & Head of Year 7Mr Jordan Marquisjordan.marquis@e-act.org.uk
SENCoMs Tracey Marquistracey.marquis@E-ACT.org.uk
Assistant Vice Principal (KS3 & Head of Year 9)Ms Sophie Grantsophie.grant@e-act.org.uk
Assistant Vice Principal (KS3 Progress & Literacy)Mr Sam ButterfieldSamuel.Butterfield@E-ACT.org.uk
Vice Principal (Inclusion & Behavior)Ms Cristalina Fernandescristalina.fernandes@e-act.org.uk