Welcome to Science at the Crest Academy!

In Science, our vision is to inspire in our students a love for all things scientific, firing up a passion for Science and learning. We want every student to be undaunted by the world around us, to be passionate enquirers, and to be active researchers.


“Medical Science has been so challenging but rewarding. We get to focus on Science in relation to medical issues, and in particular how it lends itself to treatments but also to technology which is used in this industry” Rehab
“Science is the best subject. We are challenged to think for ourselves and really get to grips with practical science” Meescha
“Science is exciting. I get to see the theory in action through experiements” Mustafa
‘We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we create them. Science is nothing more than the refinement of everyday thinking’ – Albert Einstein 


Key objectives:
  • Scientific thinking will develop critical enquiry in all students.
  • Students should make good progress in both skills and knowledge.
  • Lessons are relevant, engaging and exciting.
  • We create an environment of safety and respect.
  • We value every student as an individual and believe that all students should have the same opportunities available to them.

It is our fundamental belief that success in Science allows our students to develop enquiring minds.

Curriculum – Key Stage 3

At Key Stage 3 students follow an exciting curriculum which covers different science_3topics from Chemistry to Biology to Physics. Our ultimate aim is that students should be able to demonstrate mastery of these key areas, allowing them to successfully access the curriculum at GCSE and A Level in the future.

Each year, students in Key Stage 3 will study a range of topics in each of the three science disciplines. Each scheme of learning is tailored to suit a wide range of learning ability and styles, with a range of hands on collaborative learning activities and independent learning tasks. This allows students to develop confidence in both working with each other and working on their own.

Our Key Stage 3 Science Curriculum is co-ordinated by our Deputy Curriculum Director, Mr Richard Price, who would be happy to answer any parental or student enquiries: Richard.price@E-ACT-org.uk

Curriculum – Key Stage 4

Curriculum – Key Stage 4
At Key Stage 4 all students may take either single sciences, which allows them to achieve a GCSE in Biology, a GCSE in Chemistry and one in Physics, or a combined science qualification which gives them 2 GCSEs in science. Suitability for these pathways are determined by Key Stage 3 achievement. In each pathway, students develop analytical skills, the ability to critique and enquire as well as developing a clear and solid base in scientific thinking.

Our Key Stage 4 Science Curriculum is co-ordinated by Mr Richard Price, Deputy Curriculum Director for Science, who would be happy to answer any parental or student enquiries: Richard.price@E-ACT-org.uk

Curriculum – Key Stage 5

At Key Stage 5, the English Team offer A Levels in Biology, Chemistry and Physics as well as Level 3 BTEC in Medical Science. English Literature remains one of the most highly regarded post-16 options.

Our Key Stage 5 Science Curriculum is co-ordinated by Mr Santokh Singh, who would be happy to answer any parental or student enquiries: Santokh.singh@E-ACT.org.uk


Through our courses students can follow a number of career pathways including medicine, dentistry, optometry, forensics, midwifery to name but a few.


We offer a wide range of enrichment sessions, including KS3 Science Club (Mr Ghatuara), and KS4 Science Club (Ms Al-Zoubaidi)

Contact Staff
Staff roleStaff nameEmail address
Curriculum Director Tom HopkinsTom.Hopkins@E-ACT.org.uk
Deputy Curriculum DirectorMr Richard PriceRichard.Price@E-ACT.org.uk
Senior Lead Practitioner - Science, Coaching, Marking & FeedbackMs Dhanu VarsaniDhanu.Varsani@E-ACT.org.uk
KS4 Co-ordinatorMs Zeinaib Al-ZoubaidiZeinab.Alzoubaidi@E-ACT.org.uk
KS3 Co-ordinator & Curriulum DesignerMr Deep GhatuaraDeep.Ghataura@E-ACT.org.uk
KS5 Co-ordinatorMr Santokh SinghSantokh.Singh@EACT.org.uk
Teacher of ScienceMs Esmeta GhunneyEsmeta.Ghunney@E-ACT.org.uk
Teacher of ScienceMr Ramez Nademramez.nadem@E-ACT.org.uk
Teacher of ScienceMr Marcus PattersonMarcus.Patterson@E-ACT.org.uk
Teacher of ScienceMs Palrose Dehaney MurrayPalrose.Dehaney-Murray@E-ACT.org.uk
Associate Vice Principal (Assessment & Curriculum)Ms Rumi Khatunrumi.khatun@E-ACT.org.uk
Trust Network Lead for Science - LondonMs Charlotte Nicholcharlotte.nichol@e-act.org.uk