From this year, and beyond, we are extremely excited to be launching our ‘Crest Character’ programme with all students in years 7 to 13.

Crest Character presents students with opportunities and resources to develop as leaders and to prepare themselves for the future: university and employment.

We have taken the academy’s main values of PRAISE (Pride and professionalism, Relationships, Aspirations, Integrity, Social Justice and Empowerment and accountability) to develop the programme, which comprises a number of key strands:


Charity – Giving to others.

Honesty – Showing integrity and being truthful.

Ambition – Aiming for success.

Resilience – Coping with difficult situations effectively.

Analytical – Developing and using problem solving skills.

Communication – Speaking and writing clearly.

Team Work – Working effectively with other people.

Enrichment – Extra-curricular activities to build skills and knowledge beyond timetabled lessons.

Reflection – Thinking clearly and decision-marking.


There will be many opportunities for students to build upon these skills in PSHE, lessons, and on educational trips and visits.

All students will receive a Crest Character Pad, a personalised journal, where they record both their achievement in the above attributes and their effort in academic subjects. Students will keep their Character Pads with them as they progress through the academy; they will be able to use their records of experience and achievements in applications for university and employment.