Key Stage 4 Curriculum

Assistant Vice Prinicpal (Curriculum): Ms R Khatun

Assistant Vice Principal (KS4): Mr E Comrie

The Crest Academies offer three routes of study starting at the beginning of Year 10 and continuing throughout the Key Stage 4 cycle. We will use your child’s attainment data from this academic year to inform the best route for their academic success. The three routes are called :

  • Ebacc
  • Integrated
  • Vocational

All 3 routes allow the students to continue on to Advanced level studies if this path is suitable for them.

Compulsory Subjects

The subjects listed below are compulsory and will be taken by all students to the end of Year 11:

  • English (Language and Literature)(GCSE)
  • Mathematics (GCSE)
  • Science (GCSE or BTEC)
  • Physical Education (non examined)

EBACC Route:

  • Minimum 10 GCSE subjects which include the Science Triple Award along with the compulsory subjects
  • 2 subjects from a choice of Geography, History, Arabic, French or Spanish)
  • An additional 1 option from other EBACC or non EBACC subjects

Integrated Route:

  • Minimum 9 GCSEs subjects or equivalents including Core and Additional GCSE Science
  • 2 subjects from a choice of Geography, History, Arabic, French or Spanish
  • An additional 2 options from other EBACC or non EBACC subjects (can contain a maximum of 2 BTECs)

Vocational Route:

  • Minimum 8 GCSE subjects or equivalents including GCSE single science
  • GCSE Religious Studies or GCSE Citizenship
  • An additional 3 options from BTEC Sports, BTEC Health & Social Care, BTEC Business, BTEC Creative Media or BTEC Music Production

The three routes outlined above are shown below.

Important Information:

  • Once students choose and then begin their chosen programme of study in Year 10 it is not possible to change the subjects chosen, therefore it is important to discuss all of the options presented before making your final decisions.

All students are encouraged to discuss subject choices with their teachers, Curriculum Directors and the Assistant Vice Principal – Curriculum, Ms R Khatun.