At Crest we expect every student to live by our values:

  • Pride and professionalism
  • Relationships
  • Aspirations
  • Integrity
  • Social Justice
  • Empowerment and Accountability

In particular our Behavioural Expectations centre on the values of Relationships (between staff, students and other stakeholders), Integrity (doing the right thing even when no-one is watching) and accountability (taking responsibility for our actions).
Our expectations are that students attend the Academy, prepared to learn and ready to follow our code of conduct, which is listed below:

The Academy operates a C1 (Consequence 1) to C6 (Consequence 6) system. These are highly visible around the Academy and also in students planners. Failure to adhere to the Academy code of conduct may lead to the issuing of a departmental detention (20 minutes at lunchtime) or an Academy detention (1 hour at the end of the day). Serious instances of poor behaviour may lead to a students being internally isolated from their peers, or placed in the Learning Support Unit, where persistent poor behaviour means that they are withdrawn from the main curriculum of the Academy.

Our expectations are that student do not bring the reputation of the Academy into disrepute, and this means whether wearing our Academy uniform or not, students should act in an appropriate manner.

Please note that mobile phones, earphones, fizzy drinks, energy drinks, electronic devices are banned are not permitted for students and will be confiscated if brought into the Academy.

All students and parents are asked to read the attached Behaviour and Expectations policy and sign a home school agreement, agreeing to follow the rules of the school, and support the Academy in enforcing our code of conduct.

Any questions or queries regarding our Behaviour and Expectations can be directed to the appropriate member of staff indicated below:

Crest Pastoral Structure

Inclusion TeamMr Richard Baker – SENCo
Ms Tracey Marquis – Trainee SENCo & Lead Practitioner
Ms Holly Thomspon – EAL Co-ordinator
Key Stage 3Ms Sophie Grant – AVP: Director of KS3
Head of Year 7 – Mr Jordan Marquis
Head of Year 8 – Mr Sam Polston
Head of Year 9 – Ms Sophie Grant
Dean of KS3 – Mr Ahmed Mohamed
Key Stage 4 Mr Errol Comrie – AVP: Director of KS4
Head of Year 10 – Ms Shanelle Walcott-Cunningham
Head of Year 11 – Ms Celeste Joseph
Dean of KS4 – Ms Selina Allen
Key Stage 5Ms Vanessa McCrossen – AVP: Director of KS5
Sixth Form Support – Ms Lorna Jules
Vice Principal – Behaviour & Inclusion – Ms Cristalina Fernandes

Behaviour for Learning Policy

Behaviour for Learning Guide – (Download link)

Behaviour for Learning Flowchart

Behaviour for Learning Flowchart – (Download link)