Crest Pastoral Structure

Inclusion TeamMr Richard Baker – SENCo
Ms Tracey Marquis – Trainee SENCo & Lead Practitioner
Ms Holly Thomspon – EAL Co-ordinator
Key Stage 3Ms Sophie Grant – AVP: Director of KS3
Head of Year 7 – Mr Jordan Marquis
Head of Year 8 – Mr Sam Polston
Head of Year 9 – Ms Sophie Grant
Dean of KS3 – Mr Ahmed Mohamed
Key Stage 4 Mr Errol Comrie – AVP: Director of KS4
Head of Year 10 – Ms Shanelle Walcott-Cunningham
Head of Year 11 – Ms Celeste Joseph
Dean of KS4 – Ms Selina Allen
Key Stage 5Ms Vanessa McCrossen – AVP: Director of KS5
Sixth Form Support – Ms Lorna Jules
Vice Principal – Behaviour & Inclusion – Ms Cristalina Fernandes