Our Rewards policy aims to acknowledge and reward excellent behaviour, effort and academic progress.
Students are actively encouraged to make positive contributions both to their learning and to Academy life, by demonstrating that they are living our vision, ‘Every student a leader’
Our Academy’s Pastoral System is divided into Year Teams, with every Pastoral Manager in charge of a Year Group in both Key Stage 3 and 4. Pastoral Managers along with Assistant Vice Principals in charge of each Key Stage monitor and track the issuing of rewards, ensuring that excellence is rewarded and celebrated. At Key Stage 5, this is done by the Director of Guidance and Support.

Our rewards policy can be found below:

Rewards Policy 2015 – (Download link)

Please see below a list of key Pastoral Staff who lead on Rewards in each year group.

Crest Pastoral Structure

Vice PrincipalBehaviour & Inclusion – Ms Cristalina Fernandes Cristalina.fernandes@thecrestacademy.org
Inclusion TeamMs Vanessa McCrossen – AVP: Director of KS5 vanessa.mccrossen@thecrestacademy.org
Sixth Form Support – Ms Lorna Jules lorna.jules@thecrestacademy.org
Key Stage 3Mr Errol Comrie – AVP: Director of KS4 errol.comrie@thecrestacademy.org
Head of Year 10 – Ms Shanelle Walcott-Cunningham Shanelle.walcott-cunningham@thecrestacademy.org
Head of Year 11 – Ms Celeste Joseph celeste.joseph@thecrestacademy.org
Dean of KS4 – Ms Selina Allen Selina.allen@thecrestacademy.org
Key Stage 4 Ms Sophie Grant – AVP: Director of KS3 sophie.grant@thecrestacademy.org
Head of Year 7 – Mr Jordan Marquis Jordan.marquis@thecrestacademy.org
Head of Year 8 – Mr Sam Polston sam.polston@thecrestacademy.org
Head of Year 9 – Ms Sophie Grant Sophie.grant@thecrestacademy.org
Dean of KS3 – Mr Ahmed Mohamed ahmed.mohamed@thecrestacademy.org
Key Stage 5Mr Richard Baker – SENCo Richard.baker@thecrestacademy.org
Ms Tracey Marquis – Trainee SENCo & Lead Practitioner tracey.marquis@thecrestacademy.org
Ms Holly Thomspon – EAL Co-ordinator holly.thompson@thecrestacademy.org

Ms Cristalina Fernandes as Vice Principal is happy to be contacted should you have any further enquiries.