The first week of term started with a splash for Year 11 Geography students who were very excited to visit the River Tillingbourne in Surrey as part of their GCSE Geography Fieldwork. Four Year 11 classes, over two days, took the long journey to Surrey from Neasden with an early 7am start for all involved.

Despite the confusion over what constitutes ‘appropriate’ waterproof and mudproof clothing (Malyuun was dressed far too glamorously for the countryside!!!), students took to the day with gusto, measuring the features of erosion in a river channel.

Flow velocity, Float velocity, depth, width and load size were all measured, as was Human interference with the erosion process. Students learnt to use a wide range of devices such as a clipometre, and ranging poles to gather information to carry out their controlled assessments. The weather was on our side and the warm sun, country air and great team work meant that all students had a rewarding and fun day in Surrey hills.

Particular thanks to Ms Walcott-Cunningham and Mr Cahill for organising the trip. We look forward to reading students fieldwork over the coming weeks!

  • Trip: Year 11 Geography Field Trip
  • Year: 7