Our Sixth form students are ambassadors for our school and we have the highest expectations regarding their conduct and behaviour in the academy at all times. Our Sixth Form is thriving and we are very supportive of our students. As a result, our Sixth Form students excel in their studies and play an active role in many areas of extra-curricular life in the school. Underpinning all of this, however, is our insistence on the highest standards in relation to study and behaviour in the academy.6th_study_2

Our Code of Conduct for Sixth Form students sets out our expectations regarding attendance, behaviour, attitudes to learning and many other aspects of Sixth Form life at The Crest Academy and can be found at the bottom of this page.


1. Our dress-code is business wear. Boys must wear a shirt and a tie, trousers and shoes. A blazer is options but no outdoor jackets / hoodies. For girls, skirts must not be above knee length. Blouses / blazers are required and not t-shirts.  Students who do not follow this rule may be sent home.

2. Mobile phones must be switched off and out of sight in lessons, in the Study Centre and during all timetabled activities.

3. All students must attend all timetables activities on time every day.

4. Timetables study periods are to be used to extend your learning: independently, in pairs or in groups. This is a time to consolidate learning.

5. The Centre reserves the right for a student to be searched, by an appropriate member of staff, if required.

Sixth form Dress Code:

• Black/Charcoal Grey/Dark Brown/Navy tailored (suit style) trousers
• Shirt (formal polyester cotton with collar)
• Tie (students can buy from sixth form office)
• Black/Charcoal Grey/ Navy or Dark Brown leather or leather look shoes
• Smart Pullover (no logo) or Suit jacket
• Black/Charcoal Grey /Dark Brown/Navy tailored (suit style) skirt
• Blouse/suit style shirt with short or long sleeves (not low cut or off the shoulder)
• Cultural dress – Hijab must be either black/grey or cream. Abayas must be black and can not be worn with jeans/ trainers underneath.
• Plain knit Jumper /cardigan or Suit jacket (must be worn on top of Abayas)
• If tights are worn they should be plain.
• Black/ Charcoal Grey/Navy or Dark
• Black/Brown leather or leather look shoes (no boots or canvas shoes

Examples of inappropriate clothing might include:
• Beach wear, miniskirts, lycra cycling shorts or leggings on their own, loose hanging trousers, leisure shorts, “see-through” blouses/dresses/ shirts, tracksuits (unless you are doing sport), denim jeans or jackets, clothing with tears, holes and rips, low-cut T shirts or blouses, shoestring strapped tops (unless under a blouse), crop-tops, off the shoulder tops, onesies, hoodies and jewellery
• Plimsolls/converse/scruffy shoes/flip flops/open backed sandals/trainers/Vans. Shoes should be polishable and smart.
• Students are not permitted to wear facial studs.

If students do not adhere to the correct dress code they will be sent home to change.