All students are placed in one of nine tutors groups: four in Year 13 and five in Year 12. Each group has 20-23 students and the form tutor in the first point of contact on a daily basis. PSE (Personal and Social Education) is delivered every day for 25 minutes, by the form tutor and led by the Director of Sixth Form. The topics covered include ‘British Values’, Global Governance (including elections and voting, Personal Health (emotional well-being and managing stress) and much more. This autumn term is dedicated to ‘study skills’ so students are explicitly taught the skills that will enable them to become independent learners.  Weekly assemblies cover these themes whilst providing opportunities to share success stories and leadership opportunities in the Sixth Form. The Sixth Form also has a Director of Advice and Guidance who supports the Director in the leadership of the Sixth Form as a whole with a specific remit overseeing attendance, punctuality and learning habits.